Vitax Slug Gone 10 L

Vitax Slug Gone 10 L

Vitax Slug Gone 10 L


  • A completely natural, organic way to keep slugs and snails away from plants.
  • Produced from wool and and supplied in pelleted form
  • Suitable for organic gardens
  • Simply lay the pellets on growing media around the stems of plants and wet
  • Once wetted the pellets ‘self-felt’ to form a continuous mat around stems
  • Minute fibres in the mat are an irritant to slugs and the mat also absorbs the moisture from the slug’s foot
  • As an organic material Slug Gone contains naturally occurring slow release nutrients and will help feed plants
  • Also improves moisture retention.
  • Approved and used by many leading gardeners

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Vitax Slug Gone 10 L

The swollen wool pellets form a felt-like mat that absorbs moisture from the slug’s foot, thereby making it difficult for the slug to travel across. This wool pellet mat also contains abrasive particles which irritate the slug’s foot, physically deterring the slug and creating a 100% natural barrier. For the best results, apply Slug Gone in a 10cm wide band around the base of the plant.

The wool pellet mat is excellent at keeping the surface of the pot dry but retaining the moisture beneath. This means that weeds have difficulty germinating on the surface and frequency of watering is cut down due to reduced evaporation.

Size: 10 litre

This product is available at the following Garden Centres:

  • Alexandra Palace Garden Centre
  • Neals Nursery Garden Centre
  • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden Centre

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