We all know that water is by far the most important thing in the garden to ensure your plants remain alive and thrive! Without water the gardens we love and enjoy would simply not exist, we like to think we can provide all of the watering supplies you need.

We stock everything from hoses and attachments to full irrigation systems. An irrigation system may take a little more cost and effort to install but you will reap the rewards in the long run. Not only does this mean you don’t have to go out into the garden and water manually, there are also other benefits! Using a timer system will allow you to time when you water your plants and how often you water them. Another benefit is that you can ensure the water will be directly where it is needed, at the roots. Saving water is very important and using a system like this ensures minimal evaporation and maximum effectiveness for your plants. The Gardena starter set is the perfect way to get started and can be added to and altered to suit your needs!

Need help with irrigation? Please call or come into one of our stores where our friendly staff will be happy to help.

  • Gun Spray Classic Fine

    Gun Spray Classic Fine

    Gardena brings easy watering solutions to gardens all over the UK. With its soft spray, the Classic Sprayer is ideal for watering potted plants and individual areas. Great for the plants that are particularly delicate. With an innovative and integrated technology to protect against frost. The lock allows continuous watering without tiring, because the trigger does not have to be held the whole time. With this Classic Sprayer, watering is truly a pleasure. Ergonomically and functionally designed for high comfort in use.

    This product is available at the following Garden centres:
    • Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden centre

  • Gardena Pipe Pegs

    • Pipe Pegs
    • For guiding and fixing Supply Pipe in pots, hanging baskets and the ground.
    • 4.6mm (3/16″).
    • Contents 10
  • Gardena Extension Pipe

    • Extension Pipe
    • For spray nozzles. Several Extension Pipes can be screwed together.
    • 4.6mm (3/16″), length 24cm. Contents : 5
  • Gardena 6 Pattern Spray Nozzle

    • 6-Pattern Spray Nozzle
    • Ideally suitable for flexible watering needs. Control knob for adjusting the spray pattern (90°,180°,270°,360°, strips and end strips).
    • Can be extended using extension pipe Art No 1377. Contents: 2
  • Gardena T Joint for Spray Nozzles

    • T-Joint for Spray Nozzles
    • For fixing spray nozzles in pipes together with Pipe Guides. Can be used with Extension Pipe (Art No 1377)
    • 4.6mm (3/16″).
    • Contents: 5
  • Gardena Installation Tool

    • Installation Tool
    • Easy to use universal tool for fitting the endline drip heads, spray nozzles, extension pipe and connector.
    • Sturdy metal tip for accurate piercing the connecting pipe. With holder for cleaning needle and drip heads.
  • Gardena Standard Hose Connector

    • Standard Hose Connector
    • The Simple and easy to use hose connector. A simple pull releases the connection.
    • For 13mm (½) hoses
  • Gardena Spiral Hose Set 10m

    • Spiral Hose Set
    • Eliminates the need to unroll and roll up the hose or carry watering cans. Hose automatically coils back up after use.
    • 10m Spiral Hose, fittings, Fine Spray Gun and wall bracket.
  • Gardena MDS Oscillating Sprinkler OS 90

    • MDS Oscillating Sprinkler OS 90
    • Compact oscillating sprinkler. Allows watering of rectangular / square areas with one sprinkler.
    • Range of width 0.5-7m / Range of spray 1.5-13m / area coverage 1 – 90m²
  • Gardena Twin Tap Connector

    • Twin-Tap Connector
    • For operating two watering accessories. Adjustable flow rates. Suitable for 2 Water Computers
    • For 26.5mm (G ¾:) taps with 33.3mm (G 1) thread and 21mm (G ½:) taps with 26.5mm (G ¾:) thread
  • Gardena Premium Metal Water Stop

    • Premium Metal Water Stop
    • The high quality premium connector for the outlet end of a hose. Disconnect accessory and the water stops automatically.
    • For 13mm (½) hoses
  • Gardena Hose Repairer

    • Hose Repairer
    • For easy hose repair: just cut out the damaged section, insert and the hose is back in use.
    • For 13mm (½:”) hoses