The extensive tools range from Capital Gardens includes just about everything you could possibly need to care for and maintain your garden. Everything from shovels and secateurs to forks and rakes can be found in our online store and three garden centres – ensuring you are well prepared for every important gardening task.

At Capital Gardens, we have carefully nurtured relationships with top, trusted brands and manufacturers – ensuring we only stock the very best products which offer robust and reliable support in the garden. From Burgon and Ball to Wolf Garten, all of our manufacturers offer high quality products and peace of mind.

Gardening Tools 

Almost every job in the garden can be completed using the extensive range of tools from the Capital Gardens range. High quality cultiweeders, hand trowels, weed extractors, hoes and hand forks can all help simplify all those important gardening tasks. The Wolf Garten range features all the everyday and more unusual tools to help even the keenest gardener improve the contents of their shed.

The Wolf Garten Lawn Edge is the ideal tool for perfectionists looking to add millimetre-accurate neatness to their garden. The moon design of the blade makes it easier to accurately and neatly trim the edges of the turf – creating an appearance that wouldn’t be out of place in an award winning garden or world class sports arena.

Gardening Gift Sets 

Whether you’re looking to spoil the green-fingered person in your life, or fancy some extra tools for yourself – the gardening sets in Capital Gardens’ range are full of high quality tools. The complete sets simplify a range of different tasks and garden jobs – completing them to a brilliantly professional standard.



    Multi-change lawn care weed extractor is perfect for removing deep rooted weeds in your garden. The tool is super lightweight used with a push, twist and pull technique by pushing into the ground, twisting the weeds altogether and pulling them out of the ground.

    • Ideal for removing deep rooted weeds
    • Push into ground, twist and pull out
    • Tool Head Width: 4cm

    This product is available at the following Garden centres:
    • Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden centre

  • Burgon and Ball RHS Stainless Transplanter

    • Narrow body for precise digging with depth marks on face – helpful for bulb planting etc.
    • Tang (neck) is precision forged to the optimal angle for ergonomic working.
  • Burgon and Ball Miracle Block Paving Brush

    • Removes moss and weeds like magic.
    • FSC hardwood head with 3 rows of converging, tough wire bristles, gives extra-ordinary, targeted cleaning power.
  • Burgon and Ball RHS Mid Handled Fork

    • Hardened and tempered prongs to withstand tough cultivating.
  • Burgon and Ball RHS Stainless Hand Fork

    The Burgon & Ball RHS Endorsed Hand Fork features hardened and tempered prongs that will withstand any tough cultivation. With a precisely forged neck set at an angle for optimal ergonomic working.

    Part of a special range of stainless steel hand tools from Burgon & Ball, you will be able to complete many tasks with this useful tool. Featuring an FSC wood handle that is designed for comfort and longevity, and a stainless steel head which is rust resistant.

    Burgon & Ball Stainless Hand Tools have been awarded endorsement by the RHS which is the world’s leading horticultural organisations and the UK’s leading gardening charity.

    Width: 8cm

    Length: 29cm


    This product is available at the following Garden Centres:

    • Alexandra Palace Garden Centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden Centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden Centre
  • Spear and Jackson Elements Carbon Flexo Rake – Autumn Lawn

    The Spear & Jackson Elements Flexo Rake is perfect for clearing leaves from your lawn, grass cuttings and other light garden waste. The rake head features a hammer finished epoxy coating for improved resistance to rust, scratches, humidity and alkalis found throughout the soil. The ash handle has been weatherproofed to give a longer product life, and is finished with a long soft grip for additional comfort and secure grip during use.

    This item carries a 10 year guarantee.

    Handle Length: 49”

    Head: 16 Tines



    This product is available at the following Garden Centres:

    • Alexandra Palace Garden Centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden Centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden Centre
  • Burgon and Ball RHS Round Tine Fork

    • Round tines offer less resistance to the soil than flat tines and so are excellent for work in heavy or clay soils.
    • Tang (neck) is precision forged to the optimal angle for ergonomic working.
  • Burgon and Ball RHS Mid Hand Claw Cultivator

    • Effectively breaks up and aerates the soil.
  • Burgon and Ball RHS Block Paving Knife

    • Brilliant slimline tool to remove weeds, moss and other debris from the fine gaps between block paving and other nooks and crannies. With sharpened 90 degree angle and fine hook.
  • Burgon and Ball RHS Dandelion Weeder

    • Traditional and effective, chemical-free method of removing tap rooted weeds such as dandelions.
    • Sharp point penetrates ground easily whilst notched V allows roots to be cut off deep underground so they will not re-grow.
  • Burgon and Ball RHS Daisy Grubber

    • Another traditional and effective tool designed specifically to deal with short rooted weeds such as daisies in a chemical-free way.
  • Burgon and Ball RHS Dibber

    • Stylish and tactile Dibber for planting seeds, seedlings and bulbs. Ergonomically designed, the sharp tipped Dibber glides effortlessly into all soils.