Lawn Treatment

Lawn Treatment

At Capital Gardens, we know a thing or two about looking after lawns – with over 30 years experience helping people achieve a luscious, green patch. We supply a range of feeds and treatments that have been specially formulated to provide lawns with the nourishment they need – whatever the condition.

From Miracle-Gro and Scotts to Evergreen and Vitax, we provide a range of lawn treatments that can help your lawn look healthier after a single application. All of our lawn treatments and grass feeds are available to buy online, and can be delivered direct to your door.

Lawn Care for Every Occasion

Whether your grass is patchy, brown, infested with moss or simply still growing – Capital Gardens have a lawn care product to help, no matter what condition your lawn is in.

If your lawn is patchy, consider using a patch repair formula like Miracle-Gro’s Patch Magic. Combining grass seed and feed with triple action coir, Patch Magic produces 50% thicker grass with little to no watering.

Alternatively, if your grass is suffering from an onslaught of moss, try a traditional lawn sand to help oust the moss and give your grass a rich, green colour. We also stock lawn thickener, grass feed, weed killer and grass seed – all of which have been formulated to help your lawn look stronger, healthier, greener and thicker.

Have a Question About Lawn Care? We Can Help

If you have a question about lawn care, the experienced team at Capital Gardens can help you. From killing weeds to sowing grass seed, we can offer advice and tips on a range of lawn care issues. To talk to us about lawn care, contact us today on 01442 875 037 or pop into one of our branches.

  • Neudorff Organic Lawn Feed 2.5Kg

    • Organic compound fertiliser NPK 9-3-5 made with animal by-products, fermented vegetation residues, organic materials and living microorganisms
    • For a thick and green lawn that suppresses moss and weeds
    • Fast acting and long lasting fertiliser
    • With Mycorrhiza fungi to promote strong roots and plants
    • With soil improving microorganisms
    • Improves soil condition
    • Contains nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and Mycorrhiza fungi for improved resistance against drought and frost
    • Granulated for use with fertiliser spreaders
    • Use the fertiliser from March to June, additionally in September/October

    This product is available at the following Garden Centres:

    • Alexandra Palace Garden Centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden Centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden Centre