Eco Gardening

Eco Gardening

Keep your garden beautiful, healthy and environmentally sustainable with the eco garden range from Capital Gardens, comprising of eco-friendly fertilisers and feeds. All of the products in the eco garden range have been developed to ensure minimal damage to the crops or environment.

The range includes crop and plant-specific fertilisers and feeds – perfect if you’re looking to cultivate a certain crop in your garden. From lawns to tomatoes, there is a wide range of crops which can be nurtured by the products in the eco-friendly range from Capital Gardens.

Pet Friendly Fertilisers 

One of the main benefits of the products in the eco-friendly range of Capital Gardens is how safe they are for pets. If your pets are prone to eating or licking plants in the garden – you can rest assured these fertilisers and feeds don’t contain any harmful ingredients which may cause sickness or discomfort in the beloved family pet.

We all know how dogs like to explore with their noses and are prone to tasting anything they come across – whether it is lawn or a juicy tomato. The Maxicrop Natural Seaweed Extract Plus Tomato Fertiliser can ensure no harm will come to the family pet should they make their way into the greenhouse and decide to sample the local delicacies.

Eco Friendly Lawn Feeds 

If you are concerned your dedication to your garden, and growing healthy and luscious grass may be compromising the wellbeing of the eco-system – Capital Gardens range of eco-friendly lawn feeds and fertilisers can ensure no unnatural or potentially harmful ingredients are added to the garden.

The Maxicrop Organic Lawn fertiliser is made from natural seaweed extracts – helping rooting and growth whilst protecting the crops from pests and unwanted visitors. The fertiliser also offers improved resistance to diseases and environmental damage.



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