Childrens Gardening

Childrens Gardening

Are your kids showing a keen interest in gardening? Make sure your little horticulturist is well equipped with our range of children’s gardening tools. Developed to offer green-fingered youngsters a safe introduction to gardening, our selection of fun, colourful children’s gardening accessories can help your child learn and play in the garden without coming into contact with any potentially dangerous equipment.

Manufactured by Yeominis – a leading provider of outdoor fun accessories for little gardeners – these handy gardening tools allow your child to take an active role in helping out in the garden. From weeding and raking to sowing new seeds, there’ll be no stopping your green-thumbed offspring once they’ve got their hands on our colourful and fun range of children’s gardening accessories.

Put the Fun Into Gardening

To help nurture your child’s interest in gardening these tools and accessories have been specifically designed to bring a bit of fun to horticulture. Manufactured in a range of bright colours and featuring ergonomic, child-friendly materials, the tools are safe for children to use around the garden without the risk of injury. All of the products provided by Yeominis are EN71 approved, with child friendly features that make them safe for use even by the littlest of gardeners.

Should your child’s interest in gardening remain throughout their early years, some of the children’s gardening tools – such as the Yeominis Telescopic Lawn Rake – have extendable handles that allow for easy adjustment once your child has reached over a certain height. Other child friendly features across the Yeominis range include a lightweight, aluminium construction and comfortable, soft grip handle.

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