Garden activity

All the little tools and extras to make gardening easier, more efficient and fun – the activity range from Capital Gardens includes everything that casual or dedicated greenfingers will need to get going in the garden. From kneeling cushions to telescopic saws – the activity range has been collected so all the useful gardening products can be found in one simple and efficient place.

At Capital Gardens, we always ensure that all of our products have been sourced from tried and trusted manufactures to guarantee the highest quality of building and efficacy. From Burgon and Ball seeds and planting aids to Vitax lawn food – we have sourced the best products from our trusted manufacturing partners.

Gardening Cushions 

If you find prolonged gardening sessions to be quite uncomfortable and even painful we have stocked a selection of cushions and comfort aids – helping you enjoy your garden for longer. We have a huge selection of kneeling cushions in a range of different colours and styles – all designed to help reduce the stress placed upon your knees and joints when getting low to the ground.

Lawn Feeds 

Helping to keep all of the plant life in the garden healthy and attractive, our activity range includes a number of feeds for lawns and other plants.

Applied from March to September, the solution can help protect and preserve the lawn all year around – perfect for gardens located in areas which are often subjected to hosepipe bans and adverse growing conditions.

  • Westlland Aftercut Patch Fix 4.8kg

    Westland Aftercut Patch Fix 4.8kg

    Patch fix contains a special ingredient which absorbs the harmful salts and ammonia produced when pet urine breaks down, helping grass to re-establish where it would otherwise fail. Even better, patch fix also contains pet urine resistant grass seed varieties.

    Perfect for repairing all patches:

    • In high traffic areas where the lawn is worn away
    • Patches caused by pet urine
    • Shady conditions, such as under trees
    • In and around childrens play areas.

    Simple and easy to use. Full instructions provided. Fixes up to 64 patches!

    This product is available at the following Garden centres:
    • Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden centre

  • Slug & Snail Barrier Tape 4m

    Slug & Snail Barrier Tape 4m

    Adhesive copper tape discharges static electric to stop slugs and snails.

    Apply Slug & Snail Barrier at planting, before any leaf damage is evident, to deliver maximum protection. Make sure pots are clean and dry before applying to the surface. Adhesive backing is revealed when peeled back. Ensure it completes a full circle around the rim of the pot or planter. Trim back any overhanging branches or leaves that could enable slugs or snails to gain access to the protected zone. Wipe down the surface of the copper once in a while to ensure it continues to discharge electricity on contact.

  • Slug & Snail Band

    Slug & Snail Band

    Protect plants, vegetables and vulnerable seedlings from foraging slugs and snails using the Defenders Slug & Snail copper. Extend the copper band to form a protective ring around your plants or plant pots, adjustable from 36cm to 55cm. For larger plants and pots simply link two or more bands together before forming a protective ring. This product is ideal for organic gardening and can be re-used season after season to give long lasting protection.


  • SLUGGO 1kg

    SLUGGO 1kg

    Sluggo Slug and Snail killer is a molluscicide which provides effective, long lasting slug and snail control. It contains ferric (iron) phosphate which occurs naturally in the environment. After controlling slugs the product biodegrades into iron and phosphate enriching the soil around the plants. Slugs are attracted away from plants to feed on the bait. They cease feeding immediately and disappear under ground to die without leaving any slime trails or need to collect and dispose of dead slugs.

    Size: 1kg

    This product is available at the following Garden Centres:

    • Alexandra Palace Garden Centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden Centre
    • Woods of Berkhamsted Garden Centre
  • Slug Gone 5lt

    Slug Gone 5lt

    Natural and organic way to keep all slugs and snails out of your garden. The product is produced from recycled wool and is most suitable for organic growers. Soil association is also approved which also keeps slugs and snails from forming mulch that will reduce any moisture loss from the soil which then reduces any weed growth and breaks down naturally during the season it releases nutrients. This product can also be used on fruits and vegetables as well.

    This product is available at the following Garden centres:
    • Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden centre

  • SLUGGO 450g

    SLUGGO 450g

    Slugs and snails can cause an awful lot of damage in the garden. With Neudorff’s
    Sluggo® Slug & Snail Killer* they can be effectively controlled without harming the environment.

    • Active ingredient content 10 g/kg Iron-III phosphate
    • Effectively controls slugs and snails on all types of vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants
    • Active ingredient is an iron compound like occuring in nature
    • Doesn’t leave visible dead snails
    • Snails do not produce mucus and decompose
    • Certified for organic use
    • Extremely resistant to rain due to innovative bait technology
    • Suitable for use in gardens and on allotments

    Size: 450g

    This product is available at the following Garden Centres:

    • Alexandra Palace Garden Centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden Centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden Centre
  • Provado Ultimate Bug RTU 1lt

    Provado Ultimate Bug RTU 1lt

    Provado ultimate bug killer is one of the best attacks on pests in your garden. Kills most common pests on plants and protects from further attacks. Kills greenfly, blackfly, caterpillars (including cut worms) Beetles, pea and bean weevils, apple and pear suckers, capsids, sawfly and whitefly on ornamental plants. For use in the home, garden, greenhouse and conservatory.

    Please keep all chemicals away from Pets and Children.

    If you use on any fruiting plants or vegetables, please ensure you read the label. Some products may be applied but will require longer periods before harvesting

    Size: 1 litre

  • Scotts Fungus Clear Ultra 225ml

    FungusClear Ultra Gun! is a disease fighter that provides systemic protection and control of blackspot, powdery mildew and rust diseases. Use on roses and other flowering and ornamental plants. Protects plants and new growth for 4 months; see the product label for full details.

  • Vitax Copper Slug Tape 4m

    • Popular, traditional method of deterring slugs and snails
    • Adhesive copper tape barrier
    • Emits a tiny electrical charge when touched by slugs or snails causing them to turn away
    • Excellent for use on pots, planters and greenhouse staging
  • Scotts Evergreen Lawn Sand 25Kg

    • Problem with moss in your lawn? Evergreen Lawn Sand will sort it! Really effective for giving your lawn a spring boost, Evergreen Lawn Sand contains iron to kill the moss without damaging your lawn. It also contains nitrogen to feed the grass for a healthy greener lawn. A great moss killer and lawn tonic at a great price that can be used regularly without damaging your lawn.
    • 5% nitrogen feeds the grass
    • Ferrous sulphate kills moss
    • NPK ratio is 5-0-0
  • Scotts Evergreen Extreme Green Spreader 2.8 Kg

    • Superior deeper greening after just 3 days.
    • Greening lasts for weeks.
    • Children and pet friendly.
  • Slug Traps 2

    Slug Traps 2

    These unobtrusive slug traps are the perfect way to rid your garden of these pesky pests. Defenders slug traps can be used in allotments to protect vegetable patches, seedlings and vulnerable plants from damage by slugs and snails. Traps come baited and are reusable treating over 60m squared for the full growing season. Extremely easy to use,  great value for money and suitable for organic gardening.

    Simply dig a hole the size of the trap and place trap in the ground. Fill with bait and 4cm of water and replace lid securely. Check regularly and dispose of contents. Once empty, rinse and replenish bait.

    This product is available at the following Garden Centres:

    • Alexandra Palace Garden Centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden Centre
    • Woods of Berkhamsted Garden Centre