Garden Maintenance – London

Garden Maintenance - London

The key to keeping a garden looking good at minimal cost is to match the requirements of the garden service with the amount of resources available to the client. Our trained gardeners working under skilled supervision offer alternative garden maintenance services so that the client can use us as either as ‘top up’ service or as a comprehensive garden service taking on all the needs of your garden.  On the latter all the client has to do is ‘sit back in the deck chair’ and enjoy the benefits of our reliable and efficient service.

garden-maintenance-awardOur garden maintenance business (established in 1981) has a team that has years of experience in looking after London gardens, be it an established garden in need of some special attention or a recently completed project requiring careful planning to develop it to its full potential.

After contacting our Maintenance team at Capital Garden Landscapes, a visit will be carried out by one of our management team of experts who will then assess the garden and discuss what you want from and in your garden and the amount of resources available. For example, does the garden require a weekly or a two weekly visit and does the budget allow for this?  Once this is established, a free quotation for looking after the garden is drawn up tailoring the service and work to your particular circumstances.

The service includes free supervision of the garden by one of the management team who visits the garden and assesses what needs doing from one garden maintenance visit to another. If you wish this can include discussions with you in your garden to ensure that you get the garden and garden service that you want.

Call us during office hours from Monday to Friday on 0808 281 0320 for a free quote or out of office hours – Colin 07973633974 or Jimmie 07775556281.

Customer Testimonials

The garden is looking wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing how it does over the next year or so. Thank you for you and your team’s efforts.

ClientHampstead - North London

Your woodland areas are looking glorious and the bulbs in Cherry wood particularly spectacular.


The garden looks fantastic, thanks very much.

ClientWandsworth - South London