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Garden Furniture Covers & Accessories

If you’ve invested in a premium piece of garden furniture, the last thing you want is the quality to deteriorate after being left outside in the rain for a long period of time. At Capital Gardens, we can help you protect your outdoor furniture with a range of covers and furniture care accessories. Tailored to fit a wide range of outdoor furnishings – including tables, sunbeds and parasols – our outdoor furniture covers offer robust protection whatever the weather.

As well as protective covers, we also offer a range of accessories that can help to keep your outdoor furnishings more secure. From heavy-duty parasol stands to securing bungee cords – you can rely on Capital Gardens to keep your outdoor space in tiptop condition.

Quality Designs Built to Last

The unpredictable British weather can have a detrimental impact on outdoor furnishings if they aren’t appropriately protected.  At Capital Gardens, our range of protective furniture covers is built from durable, hardwearing materials to offer complete protection from the elements. From Teflon to Polyester – a protective garden cover from Capital Gardens can prolong the life of your outdoor furniture.

We stock a wide range of protective covers and accessories for designer garden furniture – including Alexander Rose and Kettler furnishings. All of our garden covers and accessories are backed by a guarantee, so you can rest assured your furniture will be suitably protected.

Covers and Accessories for Any Furniture Type

Whichever piece of furniture you want to protect, Capital Gardens offer a comprehensive range of covers and accessories to suit your needs. From barbecues and sofas, to dining sets, benches, chairs, tables, chimeneas and parasols – you’ll find a plethora of garden furniture accessories and covers on the Capital Gardens site, offering complete protection from rain, wind and shade.

If you require assistance selecting a protective cover to fit a specific piece of furniture, call the Capital Gardens team today on 01442 875 037 and we’ll be happy to help you.



    Its always a good idea to treat your wooden furniture once a year just to maintain the integrity of the wood and to ensure your bench or set lasts as long as possible. This helps protect your furniture and helps restore Cornis timber back to its original brownish colour.

    This product is available at the following Garden centres:
    • Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden centre

  • Large L Sofa Cover 2.5mx2.5m

    Large L Sofa Cover 2.5mx2.5m

    • Bosmere M666 Large ‘L’ Shaped Sofa Cover – 2.5m x 2.5m – Black
    • Top Quality, PVC Free Upgraded Polyester Fabric For Better Performance
    • UV Stabilised To Protect Against The Sun
    • This Cover Provides Protection In All Weather Conditions
    • Double Stitched Seams For Extra Strength
    • Top Sewn Seams Have Waterproof Joints
    • Top Quality Protection – Features Brass Eyelets, Heavy Duty Ties and Cord Locks
    • Easy Wipe Clean Surfaces
    • The Fabric Is Protected With Bosmere’s Unique Weatherproof Coating
    • 6 Year Guarantee

    Providing protection for your contemporary Large ‘L’ Shaped Sofa against the corrosive effect of bird droppings, extreme weather conditions and the general dust and grime that can get into the weave of the furniture when left uncovered and not in use.

    Size: 2.5m x 2.5m

    This product is available at the following Garden Centres:

    • Alexandra Palace Garden Centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden Centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden Centre
  • 4 Seater Cube Set Cover Large

    4 Seater Cube Set Cover Large

    Cube sets are becoming more and more popular because of their stylish, modern design and compactness. These sets are fantastic if you are short on space as all components combine neatly to form a cube.

    • Upgraded PVC-free polyester fabric treated with Bosmere’s unique formula to provide a water repellent and UV stabilised surface which is 100% waterproof
    • Top panel seams have waterproof joints to ensure no water will seep through
    • Double stitched seams for extra strength and durability
    • Brass coated eyelets (anti-corrosion)
    • Heavy duty ties and cord locks
    • Wipe clean surfaces
    • Resistant to mould, mildew and rotting
    • Full winter protection
    • 6 Year Guarantee

    This product is available at the following Garden centres:
    • Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden centre

  • Teak Oil Aerosol 500ml

    Teak Oil Aerosol 500ml

    Nourishes and protects all types of hardwood garden furniture. Penetrates the wood to replace lost natural oils and seals against the harshness of the British weather. Easy application with aerosol, quick and relatively mess free. Always ensure you are wearing a protective mask and/or goggles whilst applying using an aerosol. Please do not use inside. Use outside in a well ventilated area to avoid a build up of air pollution.

    Size: 500 ml

    This product is available at the following Garden centres:
    • Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden centre

  • Teak Oil 500ml

    Teak Oil 500ml

    Nourish, restore and keep your hardwood garden furniture looking its best with Ronseal Teak Oil. Its deeply penetrating formula replaces the oils lost through weathering to restore and protect garden furniture.

    Perfect for all types of garden furniture including teak and other exotic hardwoods. Helps to maintain the appearance of new wood and restore the appearance of old

    Size: 500ml

    This product is available at the following Garden centres:
    • Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden centre

  • Teak Oil 1lt

    Teak Oil 1lt

    Teak Oil will keep your garden furniture looking great all year round. It replaces the oils lost in weathering. But you’ll need to keep putting it on regularly for best protection – every 3 to 6 months. Using teak oil will also prolong your furnitures life and will ensure it maintains its integrity for as long as possible.

    • Nourishes and protects
    • Long lasting colour
    • Water repellent
    • Rainproof in 6 hours

    Size: 1 Litre

    This product is available at the following Garden centres:
    • Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden centre

  • Alto Seat Pad Grey

    Alto Seat Pad Grey

    Tailored seat pad to fit the Alto bar chair from the Kettler Urbano range, this subtle grey seat pad is perfect to make your bar look modern and stylish whilst adding comfort. Made from a textaline material, these cushions are showerproof and wipe clean. This is perfect as it means it will withstand the odd summer shower. We would suggest bringing the cushions in during the winter months so they can avoid the worst of the cold and wet weather. These cushions come with Kettlers one year guarantee and are available in grey and bordeaux

    Size: 40.5cm x 36cm x 3cm

  • 4-6 Seat Round Table Cover – Green

    4-6 Seat Round Table Cover – Green

    Keep your garden furniture looking as good as new with this Gardman 4-6 seat round table cover. Covering your furniture when not in use will not only keep it clean but it will prevent the elements from degrading it. This cover is PVC backed woven polyester, fantastically strong and durable. Rust resistant brass eyelets are strong and the velcro and drawstrings included make sure the cover remains in place at all times. Integrated vents allow air circulation and avoid any build up of condensation and mildew underneath. Handy bag allows you to store easily and effectively when not in use.

    Size: 71cm high x 128cm diameter

  • 6ft 4 Seat Bench Cover-Green

    6ft 4 Seat Bench Cover-Green

    This 4 seat bench cover from Gardman is amazing. Its rare that you can find bench covers in this size. They are perfect for larger benches or even besboke or even hand made benches that aren’t conventional sizes.

    Durable PVC backed woven polyester material is perfect for keeping your bench clean and dry throughout the worst of the weather. The ventilation flaps aid with condensation and mildew and prevent them from building up underneath the cover. Drawstrings and velcro ensure the cover is secured firmly and will not blow off. Zipped reusable storage bag included.

    Size: 190cm x 66cm x 89cm

  • Stacking Chair Cover- Grey

    Stacking Chair Cover- Grey

    Stacking chairs are always a fantastic space saving option for the garden as they can be stored neatly when not in use. This cover provides the ultimate protection for your stacking chairs. PVC back polyester is waterproof as well as durable and tough. Double sewn with brass eyelets just add to its overall strength. In order to avoid moisture build up inside, ventilation flaps have been added which will reduce the risk of condensation and mildew. Drawstrings help keep your cover firmly in place, even during the strongest of winds! When your chairs are in use and there is no need for the cover, there is a reusable, zip up bag for neat and tidy storage.

    Size: H 120cm x W 64cm x D 64cm

  • Sun Lounger Cover- Grey

    Sun Lounger Cover- Grey

    Sunloungers can be big and bulky, making them hard to store. They are often left in the same position all year round, this cover is perfect for ensuring it stays as good as new. PVC backed woven polyester is strong and waterproof. It is double sewn with brass eyelets for extra durability. It has in-built ventilation to allow air flow, reducing the risk of mildew and condesation. Comes supplied in a handy storage bag that is reusable and zip up, perfect for storage when not in use.

    Size: H 76cm x W 175cm x D 100cm

  • Wagon-Trolley BBQ Cover- Grey

    Wagon-Trolley BBQ Cover- Grey

    Keeping your barbecue covered is one of the best ways of ensuring it will last for as long as possible. Weather can rapidly deteriorate the integrity of your barbecue, especially during the colder and wetter months. Waterproof PVC lined polyester ensures your barbecue will be as protected as possible. Double sewn with brass eyelets mean this is extremely tough and hard wearing. Ventilation is provided by pockets on the cover, these ensure adequate airflow to prevent a build up of moisture. Supplied with reusable storage bag, ideal for when the cover is not in use.

    Size: H 90cm x W 122cm x D 71cm