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no dig gardening

Is No-Dig Gardening a Better Way to Grow?

No-dig gardening may feel like a new technique with all the buzz it’s generating at the moment, but this is an organic gardening style that actually aims to work alongside the natural processes of your garden. If you tend to see in the new season by working up a sweat with a spade and thoroughly digging over your garden, then this technique may seem a little daunting. (more…)

family gardening

A Family Guide to Getting the Garden Ready for Winter

Whilst the temptation to hang up your gardening gloves as soon as the clocks roll back can be strong, it can be something of a fool’s errand. Ignoring the garden, left forgotten under a blanket of fallen leaves or snow, can leave you with an uphill battle when spring takes hold next year. Before you can get to work on planting all those springtime favourites, you’ll have five months of clearing and cleaning to get through before you can [...]

evergreen shrubs colour garden winter

Seven Evergreen Shrubs Which Will Bring Colour to Your Garden this Winter

The winter garden can often provide the most beautiful of spectacles; a clean, crisp sheet of snow with delicate icicles drooping like stalactites from overhanging branches, and tiny red-breasted robins setting about their wintry business. Sadly, such backdrops are rare, and often reserved for cartoon Christmas cards. For most of us, our garden in winter is all-too-often a grey, unwelcoming, sludgy mess. With sporadic snowfall and sleet turning to mush, and bare trees hanging with haunting gloom, the wintry [...]