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I say potatoes and you think allotments. You say potatoes and I say containers. Let’s not ‘call the whole thing off,’ but instead look at successfully nurturing potatoes in pots and bags. Growing potatoes in containers makes sense. As well as taking up less space, it also means that you don’t need to do any digging, ground preparation or weeding. Your crop is less vulnerable to diseases and pest damage -and they will be easier to harvest. Home-grown, new potatoes add [...]


If houseplants make us happy, then climbing plants should make us ecstatic because they allow us to be ultra-creative with indoor greenery. Today we are looking at climbers, namely plants that require support to reach upwards; and climber/trailers, adaptable plants that can climb or trail downwards. Five advantages to growing climbers: 1) Versatility. Climbers can be grown up strings or wires, canes, moss poles, or even allowed to swathe internal walls. Climber/trailers can be grown upwards in the same way, or [...]


Transforming your garden with evergreens. So this might be posted in soggy November, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look at some clever planting suggestions for your garden or courtyard space. Autumn can seem a bit gloomy as the cooler weather arrives and the nights draw in, however it is actually a good season to be planting. We are at the tail end of the growing season, and this allows time for the roots of new plants to establish before winter [...]