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Chatting Cider with Two Thirsty Gardeners

We recently met up with the guys from Two Thirsty Gardeners, Rich and Nick, to discuss our joint love of gardening. As their focus is largely growing fruits and flowers to turn into alcoholic beverages, and because the summer is well on its way, we decided to ask them a few questions about our favourite sun-kissed tipple – cider. What inspired your love of the outdoors, gardening and cider? We both grew up in villages spending a lot of time outside [...]


Here are Seven Vegetables That Are Perfect for Beginner Gardeners to Grow

Are you thinking about starting your own vegetable patch or trying to grow a few veggies on a balcony or patio with no previous experience? This guide can help you determine the seven easiest vegetables for beginners to grow, so you don’t bite off more than you can chew. (more…)


How to Apply for a London Allotment

One of the biggest drawbacks for many people living in the big city is the lack of garden space and outdoor areas to fulfill their love of gardening and green-fingered endeavours. Sizeable gardens are in short supply for most folk in London, meaning the demand for allotments is permanently high. So we have put together a short guide on securing a London allotment, tips for when you secure one and a few facts to back it all up. (more…)