Gardening Tips for the Older Generation

Gardening Tips for the Older Generation

Gardening is one of life’s simple pleasures, and it’s a great activity for people of all ages. Now that over half the world’s population live in cities, gardening is a great way to reconnect with nature. Recent studies have also found that it’s a great form of exercise, and can even burn more calories than a gym session.

Gardening is beneficial for mental health too, with gardeners generally having greater life satisfaction and fewer feelings of depression. With so many benefits for the mind and body, gardening makes the perfect hobby for the older generation.

If you’re keen to keep gardening in your elder years, these gardening tips for the older generation will help to keep your garden enjoyable and manageable.


Choosing your tools

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There are some gardening tools designed with elderly users in mind. Tools with telescopic handles will enable you to reach to the tops of tall bushes and trees without wobbling up a ladder or injuring your back. One of the best tools for elderly gardeners is the garden kneeler, which provides a comfy place to rest your knees when working on the ground. They also double as seating to make gardening at mid-height easier on your back.



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Gardening is a never-ending task as plants, shrubs, trees and lawns grow upwards and outwards, and weeds will always need to be kept in check. Managing a large garden can become too much for people to keep up with as they get older, but smaller gardens are ideal. Paved or gravelled gardens are much more manageable and still allow for plenty of plant pots to grow your favourite flowers and herbs.


Seating areas

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The joy of having a garden is being able to spend time relaxing in it. Ensure you have plenty of comfortable seating areas in the best spots. Choose several benches and arrange them so that they catch the sun at different times of day – that way there’s always somewhere to sit no matter when you choose to go outside.



gardening tips old people

Plants need plenty of water during the warmer months, especially those in pots. Carrying a full and heavy watering can might not be easy for elderly people, so an extendable hose pipe is a good option. Alternatively keeping water butts around the garden means you can avoid traipsing back and forth from the tap, and it will also save on water usage as they collect rain water from gutters instead.

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