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Yummy Choc Chip Beetroot Muffins!

CHOCOLATE CHIP BEETROOT MUFFINS (VEGAN) At Capital Gardens, we think there’s nothing more rewarding than being able to make the most of lovingly home-grown veg and this chocolate chip beetroot muffin recipe is perfect for the chilly autumn weather. We promise you won’t be able to taste the beetroot! The pureed veg simply adds sweetness and colour to the muffins. Think healthy red velvet cupcakes! – perfect for a post gardening cup of tea or post party pudding. Vegan and gluten [...]


Terrariums are becoming increasingly popular. A fantastically creative way to liven up room, they are perfect for the London gardener, especially if gardening space is limited. The miniature landscapes require little care and gardening know-how whilst providing a world of options to their builder and caregiver! The minute glass jars and globes even create their own eco-system once built, watering themselves through collected condensation. To celebrate the launch of our Terrarium workshops this October we have rounded up a list of [...]

Rejuvenation of children’s garden at Broadwater Farm

Rejuvenation of children's garden at Broadwater Farm Maxine, a Police Officer based at Tottenham Police station has taken on the project of running a Princes Trust course for 16-25 yr olds. The ultimate aim of this project is to help get them into employment. A part of the course is a project within a community to fund raise and carry out the work by the students. The rejuvenation of the children’s garden at Broadwater Farm in Tottenham was chosen. Some Pictures [...]